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Diana prepares the TalkSeder food

First appeared in Episode 95, TalkSeder. She is Mikel Reparaz's wife and the Token Jew. She was responsible for hijacking the Community Segment with a Jewish Passover Seder dinner. Chris Antista and Brett Elston tried to reduce the Jewish influence by having a Passover rebuttal with Jesus Christ laying the twelve eggs to prophecize the return of the Easter Bunny.

She appeared on Episode 148 (TalkSedar 2) and Episode 167.

She admits she sucks at games except Guitar Hero, which she can play on 'Medium'. The other hosts stated that that is pretty pathetic, although she brought food and alcohol with her which makes her instantly superior to other women.

Notable FactsEdit

  • She has to sleep alone some nights because her husband is busy getting the sword of Rugulah while sitting on Microsoft, Activision, Take-Two Interactive, THQ, Ubisoft, and Sony money.
  • Left a message in Episode 100 for other Jewish holidays that have nothing to do with videogames.
  • She has allegedly taken Mikel to Bonertown many, many times.
  • Her favorite game is Gamer Widow '10
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