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Dan Amrich


February 5, 1971


Grand Poobah of Apologies at Activision


Formerly a Senior Editor at The Official Xbox Magazine, and the current senior apologist at Activision, Dan Amrich has appeared on several podcasts. His appearances include TalkRadar episodes 1, 20, 26, 38, 44, and 80. Dan had brief appearances in 21, 50, 62, and 100. Late in 2009, he left OXM for a job at Activision, and now works as Community Manager at the site One Of Swords.

Dan is known for many things, like his obsession with arcade machines and Ghostbusters, and being the singer of Palette Swap-Ninja (Palette Swap Ninja). When talking about his experiences at arcades, he mainly played his Robotrons and Pac-Man while drug deals were going on. Luckily the drug dealers indirectly protected Dan, because molested kids at the arcade would have been bad for business.

In TalkRadar 20, Dan vowed to destroy TalkRadar once in for all, but not only failed, but made it better. Dan's insight into the cheesiest videogame songs was some of the best commentary ever provided.

In the first podcast Dan Amrich started the Niko Bellic impersonation, and believed Final Fantasy VII was only popular because it was the first RPG a lot of people "fapped" to.

Dan Amrich's interests besides old arcade games include guitars and archery.

Currently Dan Amrich is an "embedded journalist" at Activision where he consistenly has to deal with hate-mail that targets his family, eyesight, sexual orientation, and has to assume all responsibilities for anything going wrong. His name handle for Activision is OneofSwords.

Dan Amrich self published a book Critical Path: How to Review Videogames for a living. You can buy it here.

Nicknames: Bam Ramdick, Rancid Ham, and Dynamic Dan Amrich (from his college radio days).

Other Facts:

  • Went to all the E3's since 1990 something; even that odd one in Atlanta in 1997.
  • Appeared in the game NBA Maximum Hangtime as a secret character; the bunny ears he wears in-game have become a staple of his online persona, even giving way to the name of his website,
  • Worked at Flux
  • Worked at Gamepro as "Dan Elektro" & "Bad Hare".
  • In reviewing 2 words: Space Giraffe.
  • Was Editor in Chief of World of Warcraft the Official Magazine before departing to Activision.
  • lead vocalist and guitarist of Palette-Swap Ninja
  • Was in an 80's coverband called Fast Times.
  • Starred in a [Campbell Soup commercial]
  • Was almost cast in "The Lost Boys," but lost the role to Corey Feldman, and has held a seething grudge ever since.
  • Speaks fluent Simlish.
  • It is thought that if Dan and Mikel were to ever to go toe-to-toe in a trvia contest things would explode,women would swoon, and lollipops would be taken from babies

Twitter: @DanAmrich

Activision Community Manager @OneOfSwords

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