Charlie Barratt


  • February 16, 1980
  • Illinois


Senior Microsoft Editor


Point and clickistanian


Wishes that Jane Jensen was his gf; actual wife is named Cherry


Playing more point and click adventure games.


Charlie "Bearhat" Barratt is from Illinois, like Brett Elston and Eric Bratcher, he worked as a strategist for the military until he discovered Gabriel Knight. He has great love for the Gabriel Knight series and is probably the only host that has a solid background (and possibly a college degree) in Point And Click adventure games. He had to bring up "Edge" magazine when they did a huge cover story of the creation of the Gabriel Knight games. No host is more literal than Charlie.

Charlie ages backwards, much like Benjamin Button. Before joining GamesRadar, he was a minor character on hit crime drama "The Wonder Years".

He was somehow an editor at GamesRadar despite playing only a dozen games in his life. This explains why BioShock, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Gears Of War, Gabriel Knight, and Chrono Trigger get mentioned in all of his Top 7s.

In TalkRadar 14 he mentioned that his History teacher called him Charlie "Grinand" Barratt, the reason for his Twitter and most of his online usernames.

In addition, Charlie has been nicknamed "Charlie Bearhat" by users of the GamesRadar forums. In an Illinois rural-off with Brett Elston he said a cow was his uncle. (TalkRadar 21)

Brett Elston questioned his hometown being in a rural area since it was close to proximity to St. Louis.

The most notable feature of Charlie Barratt, described by Chris Antista, is his fuckability. "It's like a teddy bear you want to grab on to". Charlie Barratt is so hot to Chris Antista, gender and sexual orientation means nothing to him. Currently, Charlie Barratt and Chris Antista are trying to conceive a butt baby. Chris Antista is most likely to birth the baby.

Charlie recently traveled back in time to become a Filipino boat boy, the name of which appears to be Carlos Baratta. (TalkRadar 36, 2:30 in)

In a startling turn of events, a Filipino appeared in TalkRadar's 2010 Podcast Special, claiming to be Charlie's long-lost boat boy doppelgangar.

On Sept 11, 2010, not only was it the 9 year anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on the United States, but Charlie's Review of Halo: Reach rocked the bowels of the Internets. Fanboys demanded the termination of Charlie from Gamesradar and that he return to Sony their briefcase full of money. Charlie received hate mail from around the world causing him to go into hiding. He cleverly disguised this by being "sick." Charlie reappeared on TalkRadar 119 to tell everyone to fuck off!

Charlie is now (hopefully) happily married to his girlfriend Cherry. May they have a long, healthy, non-butt-baby-producing relationship for years and years to come.

Twitter: @grinand

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