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'Twas a sad day when Nintendo Editor Extrordinaire Brett Elston was officially summoned forth to Japan, so that he may see Capcom's Lost Planet 2.

TDards across the land mourned the TalkRadar host's absence from TalkRadar Episode 40. However, GamesRadar's resident pedophile/sexual deviant, Christopher Antista (who smells like pizza) foresaw that many-a-listener may put a gun to their head should they ever find out that their beloved host's dulcet tones may not be heard that week. So, the Italian gathered sounds of Brett Elston's speech, in the form of the following:

  • Cool, Bowling.
  • I learned English from coloring books.
  • Fuck that game in it's stupid face.
  • A robot elephant shooting a ball at you.
  • Hey, SHUT UP, this is Brett.
  • AHA.
  • That research me look on box back
  • Hey OK this is fun
  • Oh well
  • Eww(or Ughh)

Chris then created a durable outer casing and cybernetic brain to house and protect the sounds, and thus was born BrettBot.

The listeners could not tell the difference.

The TNAG (TalkRadar Nuclear Automaton Guardian) variant of BrettBot is piloted by Tyler Nagata whenever dates need checking and serious gams jarnalism is necessary.

(I.E. find fault in Chris' Castlevania fact-checking)

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