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Bonsoir is a French wrestler voiced by Chris Antista several times on the podcast, usually when discussion of wrestling games or Shane Patterson comes up. Reports pertaining to his physical description are rare and vary, but a common trait between all of them is that he has the likeness of an unholy crotch-spawn between Mr. T and Ron Jeremy.

Chris just needs a new french word for the character to come up again.

Randy "Macho Man" Savage Soundboard

Bonsoir look-a-like

Bonsoir Spin-off TalkRadar #113 2:02:52 Phone Call from DRAKULAXX challenging Chris Antista.

Brett interviews Bonsoir

Memorable Quotes:

- "First of all, I'm gonna rip you in half like a Twix Bar! Eat one of you right now and save the rest for later!"

- "It hurts to talk like this. I don't know how Macho Man does it!"

- "You bring up an interesting point, Mikel! Is it a metaphor or an analogy?

- "I'm gonna split you into 4 buttcheeks and fuck you in the middle of all of them. It don't make a lot of sense, but I'm gonna do it anyway. No one will even question me. Yeah, Yeah...Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!"

- "STFU, Elston, you're shitting all over my anology! That's all I got in this business!"

- "Like a glow stick at a rave, Elston, I'm gonna break you open and bleed you over for my enjoyment."

- "I'm gonna combine epoxy chemicals and weave you around in a figure eight motion."


On May 20th, 2011 the TalkRadar Community was devastated upon hearing about the death of Randy "Macho Man" Savage. Even though the Macho Man was not directly involved with TalkRadar, his showmanship inspired many comedy bits.


The Macho Man lived an extraordinary life. And he truely could be called the most entertaining man not only in professional wrestling but all of entertainment. No one will ever match his charisma, energy or flamboyance. And because of those qualities his persona was a perfect fit with TalkRadar. Born Randall Mario Poffo, he leaves behind a wife and many adoring fans.

GamesRadar remembers Macho Man Randy Savage

Ease the pain of today's tragic news with our in-game salute to a legend

Words: Chris Antista, GamesRadar US

"Only one thing could ever overshadow the Earth’s impending Doomsday, and that event has unfortunately occurred. Randy Poffo, better known throughout the universe as Macho Man Randy Savage, has tragically passed away at 58. To honor one of THE GREATEST entertainers of our day, we’ve put together a highlight reel of all our favorite Macho moments from this legendary man’s two-decade contribution to our favorite wrestling games."

TDar 155.jpg

On TalkRadar 155 which was recorded the Monday after his death, the entire cast relived some of their most memorable moments pertaining to Randy Savage. Many had to hold back tears and were truely devastated. Macho Man Randy Savage will always hold a special place in out hearts!

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