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TURbo TURbo 18 February 2012

TalkRadar Indefinitely put on hold

5/19/08 to 2/10/12. It was a great run of 198 episodes with some other stuff on the side. While TalkRadar hasn't been officially dead, it is indefinitely put on hold.

TalkRadar was the first podcast I ever listened to. The first one I listened to was episode 43. I loved it so much I relisten to all the TalkRadar episodes 1 to present within 2 weeks. You will be greatly missed by all the people who edit and read this Wiki.

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TURbo TURbo 12 February 2012

GamesRadar Forums no more

RIP TURbo 3/30/09-2/8/12

The GamesRadar forums was the first forum I got heavily invovled in. I never had a forum account where I had over 100 posts, yet I had over 7,000 on GamesRadar, with 5,000 being in the TalkRadar thread. On the GamesRadar forums I became friends with a year later I got to meet humor_tumor and Bloodyshadow11 in person. The GamesRadar forums was where the conception of the TalkRadar Wiki took place. It was a good run while it lasted.

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TURbo TURbo 27 January 2012

TalkRadar Wiki is 2 years old and hope for the best for the people layed off from Future US

Good luck to Michael Grimm, Cheryll del Rosario, Carolyn Gudmunson, and Matt Keast. Your contributions will not be forgotten by this community.

Through TalkRadar I got a greater understanding of your videogame preferences and laughed or creeped out to the stories you share. The first time Cheryll was on she was cosplaying at 2009 San Diego Comic Con. Michael Grimm's first time on TalkRadar 33 was when he was fired from 1up. Matt Keast was on episode 59, but he didn't hit his stride until episode 89 with the Alien Stories. Carolyn was not on a lot of TalkRadar, but did a great job hosting 138.

Just about 90% of what I love about TalkRadar is gone.

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TURbo TURbo 17 January 2012

9 Days until the TalkRadar Wiki is 2 years old

I plan that for TalkRadar 196 when the TalkRadar 2 year anniversary approaches I send them a list of all the people that have edited the Wiki the past 2 years. The same way what happened back in TalkRadar 136 for the first anniversary. Thank you for your support, contributions, and the people that went to the wiki to know more about the podcast.

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SunniDee SunniDee 14 January 2012


The gang really has to figure out how much the forums are a joke and the support from them given into it is disgraceful. They need to realize that their is no reason other then QOTW to go into it. so yea

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TURbo TURbo 9 January 2012


Looking through the pages like Question of the Week, Closing Songs, and Podcast Compendarium is a time capsule of the last time I significantly edited the Wiki which means 2 months. Those pages need to be edited on a weekly basis.

The Background Music in episodes of TalkRadar was too ambitious requiring lots of editing.

The TalkRadar Wiki is 18 days from being 2 years old. Until then I will make a push towards cleaning up the Wiki.

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