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First started in Episode 69. Created by Brett Elston to increase the community segment, and to answer questions about the games industry. The question the hosts do not give a fuck about and are tired of answering is "How get job in the industry?"

Questions asked for Ask a Games Jarnalist

Episode 69:

  • How do exclusives work?

Episode 71:

  • What is a game you disliked but deserved a good score?
  • Has a publisher gotten angry at you and withheld information about their games or kept you from showing their games?

Episode 72:

  • Do you play other games when reviewing a game?
  • How do you make the 100% Collectible Guides?

Episode 74:

  • How many of the games currently in your collection were sent to you?
  • Who is the weirdest person you met in the Games Industry? Does Peter Molyneux give you a pedovibe, and does Reggie Fils-Aime beat his wife?

Episode 76:

  • Can there be true videogame journalism?
  • How many games have you had to cover for PR people that you didn't really care about?

Episode 77:

  • How did you get involved with working with other videogame publications?
  • How do you know a lot about games?
  • Will videogame journalism get to the point of film journalism with pseudo-acedemic professors?

Episode 78:

  • Has there been a game you avoided reviewing?
  • Would you like more interviews with developers?

Episode 79:

  • Most ridiculous accusation you got from a preview or review you written.
  • Do you believe in the 10 point review scale?

Episode 80:

  • What do you do to keep reviews fresh, and not be repetitive?

Episode 81:

  • How can videogame journalists be impartial when companies take them to events to view games?

Episode 82:

  • What are your sources for news? Is it rumors, or press releases?

Episode 83:

  • How do I get a job in the games industry?

Episode 92:

  • Do you get royalties for your articles?

Episode 96:

  • Why did you want to be a journalist?
  • What lead you to games journalism?

Episode 102:

  • Stories of disillusionment of being a games journalist?

Episode 112:

  • Can I still be a journalist while being poor at math?

TalkRadar PAX Panel Ask a Games Journalist questions

Episode 122:

  • Going to an gaming expo. Something about waiting in lines and checking things out.