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Apple Pie ready for action

Apple Pie Stevenson or Apple Pie Hitler Stevenson is a fictional character in the TalkRadar universe. He is from the Southeast United States, but unlike Johnny Ridgeback, he is used for topics like U.S. foreign policy, and has extreme caution for all things Muslim.Currently has his own twitter page

He was first mentioned in TalkRadar 37, during the Islam is the Light segment.

Apple Pie Hitler Stevenson was mentioned again TalkRadar 100, where the hosts yet again still don't know who he is, even though they played the Islam is the Light segment in that episode. This demonstration of thoughtful forgetfulness is yet another shining example of the memory loss from alcholism.

Apple Pie Hitler Stevenson and Aryan Nation Johnson, were references to a family who's three children were taken away from them and possessed Nazi names.

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