First appeared on Episode 114. College pal of Mikel Reparaz. He is the second friend of a host to appear on a whole episode of TalkRadar. Responsible for unleashing the MTV Music Generator discussion in Episode 36 by sending Chris Antista a copy of Mikel's song "Tonberry". Responsible for bringing "a dickton of beer" to his appearance, which passed on to, at least, Episode 115. Dated the same woman as Mikel once (a mistake).

He first met Mikel Reparaz in college in 1997. When they took a boring ass class about art and music history in the Classical to Romantic period. Michael also appeared in the PAX Prime 2011 cast where he was very drunk.

The beers of Episode 114 were:

  • Dale's Pale Ale by Oskar Blues Brewery (imbibed by Brett Elston).
  • Old Chub Scotch Ale by Oskar Blues Brewery (imbibed by Mikel Reparaz).
  • Ten Fidy Imperial Stout by Oskar Blues Brewery (imbibed by Chris Antista).
  • Nebula Stout by Block 15 Brewery (imbibed by 435)
  • Stella Artois (the sobering bitch beer not brought by 435)

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